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Looking ahead to the Society for Creative Founders Fall 2019 Conference


2018 was a year of extraordinary change and growth for me, personally and professionally. Before I attended the Society for Creative Founders Conference in October 2018, I felt like I was on my own in the creative world. I had always worked as an executive assistant in a corporate setting. Even though I LOVED being an assistant, I never quite felt like that was where I was meant to be. I’ve always been artistic and creative and I felt like no one understood my desire and passion to pursue life as a creative entrepreneur. Honestly, I didn’t know anyone personally, who had successfully left the corporate world, to pursue this lifestyle.

I stumbled (or scrolled) across The Society for Creative Founders on Instagram one day and from that moment on, my life was forever changed. Immediately, I dug deeper into who was part of this community. I noticed that Kristin Wilson, along with a line-up of amazing female entrepreneurs, was hosting a conference in Pensacola Beach, Florida.

Getting a quick look at the agenda, I knew I had to attend this conference. Something was nagging at me…I MUST attend this conference. I didn’t know why in that moment, but after a little more research about SCF and their mission, I registered.

I didn’t know a single person who was part of this community. I took a complete leap of FAITH and trusted my intuition. This was something I needed for myself and my business. I was in a place where I was envisioning the next step. Was that to leave my corporate administrative job, continue burning the candle at both ends, or walk away from The Secretary Studio, because in all honestly, what in the heck did I know about running my own virtual assistant business?! All I knew was something had to change, something needed to change.


One of the first one-on-one conversations Kristin Wilson and I had, started with “where in the world did you come from?!” It really made me laugh, because in a matter of minutes, I went from not knowing anything about SCF, to wanting to know everything. I’m so happy I decided to trust my gut and take that leap of faith. Kristin’s passion is rare. She is one of the few people who can help me understand something, when I feel like it is completely out of reach. She has been an amazing mentor and leader over the past 7+ months. I am forever grateful for her passion, caring heart and how much she wants to see us all grow and flourish.

I spent four grateful days, learning and soaking up as much as I could. I attended classes on topics from how to be confident with our passion, led by Erin Kendrick of Erin is Creative, to how to go wholesale with Amy Kinslow of Southern Fried Design Barn, to getting my finances in order for my business, led by Heather Jordan of Durst & Jordan. While I personally may never go wholesale, with any of the products I sell, I support businesses who are either entering the wholesale market or actively seeking wholesale retailers. I wanted to learn as much as I could, not only for the sake of my own business, but how I can better assist my amazing clients as well. Now the money session was a no-brainer. I needed help understanding my finances as a creative entrepreneur and what that would look like leaving my corporate job for good. Erin of Erin is Creative, really lit a fire (possibly in the entire room), when she shared her passion of being an artist and educator. I got to spend a lot of time with Erin, strolling up and down the beautiful white, sandy beaches of Pensacola Beach. I got to hear about how much she loves what she does and how helping others realize that passion is part of her purpose.

To say that this conference has been one of the best investments I have ever made is an understatement. This IS the single most important investment I have made. It truly opened my eyes to what more there is in life and how I can feasibly get there.


Whether you are a virtual assistant, like myself, an artist, maker or designer and you’re wondering if this sort of conference is right for you? The answer is absolutely, 1,000%, YES! This conference pertains to ALL creatives, not just designers, stationers and artist. If you are creating something, whether a service or product, you belong here! If you feel like you’re floating out in the creative sea and not quite sure which direction to sail, there is no doubt in my mind that the Society for Creative Founders community will have you feeling like you’re home in no time.

Registration for the Society for Creative Founders Fall 2019 Conference is open now, with only a few spots left! Register now, because you will not want to miss this opportunity to change your life and better your business!

See you November 6-9th, 2019 in Pensacola Beach!